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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For the love of...RAY J????

Attention Attention!!
I don't know if you knew, but apparently if you record a boring ass...drawn out sex tape of clasify as a celebrity.... Not only can you make your own albums (and buy 600 copies so the joint'll go gold) but you can hav a reality show where like 30 wenches fight for your affection.
Cast: We got the chicks who are "different" They're "classy". Yes, yes, the classiest thing you can do is go on a show and fight for a nigga...who's had sex on camera... and gotten paid from it... Amongst them are a reporter who sings but can't remember not one lyric, a woman with unmatched class (whom happens to be married to a porn director), and a mannish russian chick (see "Chicago Larry")
We also have the "ride or die chicks" The bitches who will do anything "to please their man" Translation: "I will pop my pussy and put a whole banana in my mouth for you" "I will be on top of you and attack your face on a date if necessary". These chicks are a mess. Amongst them are a bitch with a tiger tattoed on her face, a chick who did splits on the first night in a bikini, and a bitch who wrote a rap that threatened to hit the girls "where they shit"...WOOOOOOOOW...
Ray j goes on "lil Hood" (white) as she throws herself at sad...she even goes on a damn rant about how the moment ws so beautiul...then she calls him spoiled...her ass spoiled blonde hair for me...dramatic bitches...until 2moro

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