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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For the love of...RAY J????

Attention Attention!!
I don't know if you knew, but apparently if you record a boring ass...drawn out sex tape of clasify as a celebrity.... Not only can you make your own albums (and buy 600 copies so the joint'll go gold) but you can hav a reality show where like 30 wenches fight for your affection.
Cast: We got the chicks who are "different" They're "classy". Yes, yes, the classiest thing you can do is go on a show and fight for a nigga...who's had sex on camera... and gotten paid from it... Amongst them are a reporter who sings but can't remember not one lyric, a woman with unmatched class (whom happens to be married to a porn director), and a mannish russian chick (see "Chicago Larry")
We also have the "ride or die chicks" The bitches who will do anything "to please their man" Translation: "I will pop my pussy and put a whole banana in my mouth for you" "I will be on top of you and attack your face on a date if necessary". These chicks are a mess. Amongst them are a bitch with a tiger tattoed on her face, a chick who did splits on the first night in a bikini, and a bitch who wrote a rap that threatened to hit the girls "where they shit"...WOOOOOOOOW...
Ray j goes on "lil Hood" (white) as she throws herself at sad...she even goes on a damn rant about how the moment ws so beautiul...then she calls him spoiled...her ass spoiled blonde hair for me...dramatic bitches...until 2moro

ABSOLUTELY NOT!: A wrap up of current events

Hello, hello, welcome...blah blah blah!
Let's just get right into it... Ridiculousness has been running rampant in not only my community...but your community as well...
1.)Ike n...I mean Chris n Ri Ri...what an effing mess... first and foremost wut kinda bitch are you to get ur ass beat by a nigga doin hip rolls and "taking down" 13 year olds??? Second of all, bite marks tho...bite marks??? Are you telling me that he found out Ri Ri gave him an STD (depending on whether or not we go with that), and his response was to bite her Bajan ass??? I hope there was some alcohol or a narcotic involved in this fuckery...or someone has a SHITLOAD of 'splainin to do...aBSOLUTELY NOT!
2.)I just have to mention McDonald's... That damn "Mcnugget lovin'" commercial blows my mind...I don't know what home they dragged Keith Sweat out of to record it...but i DONOT approve... I guess they thought,"The only way to reach these niggas is to turn it into a Ginuwine video". ABSOLUTELY NOT!
3.)FOR THE LOVE OF RAY J!!!!!! Oh Lord...where do i begin??? Lets go through the cast...We got the tall imported bitch with a man voice, the two chicks that look like Kim Kardashian, the dilusional white bitch, bitch with a damn tattoo on her face n...lets just stop now...I'm just gonna write a whole blog on this catastrophe...
4.)G's to Gents...The white boy really n truly looks like he was birthed by a pack of skittles GOSH DARNIT!!!! The other ones i guess r ok...except that damn swamp rat who got drunk on the first nite..I'm not gonna comment on shit else after this...THEEEE Fuk was on his head...looked like Coolio took a nap for 25 years... n that was the result...
5.) Finally, "I Love Money", I hav come to the conclusion that all VH1 shows will forever be hot messes... no matter what... however, Leilene and her love hungry ass are begging for love... strippers need love 2..